About The Artist

Thank you for visiting my website, I am professional photographer Michael Maddaloni and you have reached my personal blog where I post pretty much everything I do with respect to photography. Here you’ll find not just photos I have worked on to share with you, but stories about my treks around the country and the world with my camera in hand, techniques I use to capture those photos, and everything in between. I am the son of award winning Master Photographer and American Society of Photographers Fellow, Anthony P. Maddaloni, and that is not something I brag about, it’s more or less an admonishment that I have large shoes to fill, a huge shadow to try and escape from, etc, but in all seriousness I look up to my father tremendously and he has been a mentor in this field my entire life and I hope to some day reach the heights he has, no more or less.

That being said, my story is not very complicated save for the fact my first day with a digital camera was literally on September 11.