About The Artist

Michael Maddaloni was born in New Jersey in 1984 to his father, a professional photographer, and his mother school teacher.  His fondest memories are those trips he took with his family across country, watching his father take images with his Hasselblad Film Camera that would some day be award winning fine art photos.  These photos were celebrated throughout the professional photographic community but most importantly to Michael, were hanging on the walls in the hallways and rooms he would pass through every day of his life.   When he became of age, Michael accompanied his father on countless photographic trips and assisted him in dozens of professional portrait shoots and dozens of weddings.  Michael even served as a model in many of his father’s award winning period photographs.  And so, the photographic eye of renowned Master Photographer and American Society of Photographers Fellow Anthony Patrick Maddaloni was passed on to his son, Michael, who is following in his father’s footsteps, but this time with digital photography as well as film.

Michael’s photographic career essentially began on the morning of September 11 as he and his father trekked against the flow of traffic toward the city with his father’s film camera and new Kodak DCS.  More adept with film, Anthony Maddaloni handed off this foreign object known as a digital camera to his son Michael, who went even further on to view the disaster and take photos from the Hudson river.  And so, Michael became inextricably connected with September 11 and has framed his work behind the camera, in his writing, and in his film making; quite often disaster and tragedy will affect all that enter his creative world.  Never forgetting the toll the greatest disaster of our time took on his friends, family, neighbors, and fellow Americans, Michael has become most interested with telling sides of stories that are often overlooked.

As you will see throughout this website, Michael is an avid student of American history, especially the Civil War and General George Armstrong Custer.  Reading countless books and talking to dozens of historians on the subject, Michael has become a wellspring of Little Big Horn knowledge and has taken some of the most breathtaking photos ever seen of the Battlefield and other places once important to General Custer, and American Military History.  Making numerous trips to American battlefields, his collection, mostly in black and white, grows every few months, slowly into an anthology of sorts of American Civil War, Plains Wars and military tributes.

Michael Maddaloni is currently a member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) under his business Photo Tranquility.